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Dieser Film markierte den Beginn einer eigenen Genremischung: Das Zusammenspiel von Found-Footage-Optik la Paranormal Activity und der klassischen Geisterfilm-Motivik im Poltergeist-Gewand erzeugt einen ungeahnt unmittelbaren Grusel!

Fiction Films

Science-Fiction ist ein Filmgenre, dem Filme zugeordnet werden, die sich mit fiktionalen Techniken sowie wissenschaftlichen Leistungen und deren möglichen​. Fantasy: Fiction, Films, Fans machen den Fans Angebote zur Teilhabe, wenn diese den Erzählstoff als fan fiction in verschiedenen Medien weiterentwickeln. Magerstädt' offers a review of contemporary Science fiction narratives and the ethical questions that are raised in contemporary Science fiction films.

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Fantasy: Fiction, Films, Fans machen den Fans Angebote zur Teilhabe, wenn diese den Erzählstoff als fan fiction in verschiedenen Medien weiterentwickeln. Fiction Films GmbH ist eine internationale, kreative Beratung & Filmproduktion mit Sitz in München, Barcelona/Spain und Savannah/USA. Seit produzieren. In this monumental work, David Bordwell catalogues every aspect of film narrative, offering insight into an amazing variety of fiction films. The author, who is as.

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A Pineapple P.S.A.

Fiction Films

Jurassic World: Dominion. Chris Pratt , Bryce Dallas Howard. Scott Beck , Bryan Woods. Sam Worthington , Zoe Saldana.

December 20, [4]. Evangelion: 3. Riz Ahmed , Octavia Spencer. Halle Berry , Patrick Wilson. Hugh Jackman , Rebecca Ferguson. RoboCop Returns. Anna Kendrick , Toni Collette , Shamier Anderson.

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Though the Star Wars films are more science-fantasy than straight science fiction, they usually fall under the sci-fi banner.

We love it. It knows. Now an Admiral, Kirk is feeling his age in this film. The great villain forces Spock, who never took the Kobayashi Maru, to make a choice.

To save everyone, he sacrifices himself. The rest of the original Trek cast is in fine form and when it comes to Star Trek , this remains the gold standard.

Based on Arthur C. Only one scene surpasses them: flying bikes. With a final riff of John Williams' score and the government soundly defeated, few films blend successful adventure and sobbing farewell so beautifully.

Directed By: Matt Reeves. Critics Consensus: Thanks to a smart script, spectacular set pieces, and charismatic performances from its leads, Men in Black is an entirely satisfying summer blockbuster hit.

Starring: Will Smith , Tommy Lee Jones , Linda Fiorentino , Vincent D'Onofrio. Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld.

Critics Consensus: Though perhaps not as strong dramatically as it is technologically, TRON is an original and visually stunning piece of science fiction that represents a landmark work in the history of computer animation.

Starring: Jeff Bridges , Bruce Boxleitner , David Warner , Cindy Morgan. Directed By: Steven Lisberger. Critics Consensus: Bumblebee proves it's possible to bring fun and a sense of wonder back to a bloated blockbuster franchise -- and sets up its own slate of sequels in the bargain.

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld , John Cena , John Ortiz , Jason Drucker. Directed By: Travis Knight. Critics Consensus: The plot is thin and so is character development, but as a thrilling, spectacle-filled summer movie, Independence Day delivers.

Starring: Will Smith , Bill Pullman , Jeff Goldblum , Mary McDonnell. Directed By: Roland Emmerich. Critics Consensus: Unevenly paced and thoroughly cheesy, Barbarella is nonetheless full of humor, entertaining visuals, and Jane Fonda's sex appeal.

Starring: Jane Fonda , John Phillip Law , David Hemmings , Anita Pallenberg. Directed By: Roger Vadim. Critics Consensus: Richard Kelly's debut feature Donnie Darko is a daring, original vision, packed with jarring ideas and intelligence and featuring a remarkable performance from Jake Gyllenhaal as the troubled title character.

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal , Jena Malone , Mary McDonnell , Drew Barrymore. Directed By: Richard Kelly. Critics Consensus: It may sport more style than substance, but Pacific Rim is a solid modern creature feature bolstered by fantastical imagery and an irresistible sense of fun.

Starring: Charlie Hunnam , Idris Elba , Rinko Kikuchi , Diego Klattenhoff. Directed By: Guillermo del Toro. Critics Consensus: Frustratingly uneven yet enjoyable overall, Idiocracy skewers society's devolution with an amiably goofy yet deceptively barbed wit.

Starring: Luke Wilson , Maya Rudolph , Dax Shepard , Terry Crews. Directed By: Mike Judge. Critics Consensus: Fahrenheit is an intriguing film that suffuses Truffaut's trademark wit and black humor with the intelligence and morality of Ray Bradbury's novel.

Starring: Oskar Werner , Julie Christie , Cyril Cusack , Anton Diffring. Critics Consensus: A better-than-average sci-fi shoot-em-up with a satirical undercurrent, Demolition Man is bolstered by strong performances by Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock.

Starring: Sylvester Stallone , Wesley Snipes , Sandra Bullock , Nigel Hawthorne. Directed By: Marco Brambilla. Critics Consensus: A faithful adaptation of Philip K.

Starring: Keanu Reeves , Robert Downey Jr. Directed By: Richard Linklater. Critics Consensus: Finding the human story amidst the action, director Duncan Jones and charming Jake Gyllenhaal craft a smart, satisfying sci-fi thriller.

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal , Michelle Monaghan , Vera Farmiga , Jeffrey Wright. Directed By: Duncan Jones. Critics Consensus: The utterly gorgeous special effects frequently overshadow the fact that The Abyss is also a totally gripping, claustrophobic thriller, complete with an interesting crew of characters.

Starring: Ed Harris , Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio , Michael Biehn , Leo Burmester. Directed By: James Cameron. Critics Consensus: Led by Rupert Wyatt's stylish direction, some impressive special effects, and a mesmerizing performance by Andy Serkis, Rise of the Planet of the Apes breathes unlikely new life into a long-running franchise.

Starring: James Franco , Freida Pinto , Andy Serkis , John Lithgow. Directed By: Rupert Wyatt. Critics Consensus: Extraordinarily daring for a Hollywood film, Altered States attacks the viewer with its inventive, aggressive mix of muddled sound effects and visual pyrotechnics.

Starring: William Hurt , Blair Brown , Bob Balaban , Charles Haid. Directed By: Ken Russell. Critics Consensus: Fun genre fare with uncommon intelligence, Predestination serves as a better-than-average sci-fi adventure -- and offers a starmaking turn from Sarah Snook.

Starring: Ethan Hawke , Sarah Snook , Noah Taylor , Christopher Kirby. Directed By: Michael Spierig , Peter Spierig. Critics Consensus: A politically subversive blend of horror and sci fi, They Live is an underrated genre film from John Carpenter.

Starring: Roddy Piper , Keith David , Meg Foster , Peter Jason. Critics Consensus: Featuring dazzling, disorienting cinematography from the great James Wong Howe and a strong lead performance by Rock Hudson, Seconds is a compellingly paranoid take on the legend of Faust.

Starring: Rock Hudson , Salome Jens , John Randolph , Will Geer. Directed By: John Frankenheimer. Critics Consensus: While admittedly melodramatic and uneven in spots, Soylent Green ultimately succeeds with its dark, plausible vision of a dystopian future.

Starring: Charlton Heston , Edward G. Robinson , Leigh Taylor-Young , Chuck Connors. Directed By: Richard Fleischer. Critics Consensus: One of Disney's finest live-action adventures, 20, Leagues Under the Sea brings Jules Verne's classic sci-fi tale to vivid life, and features an awesome giant squid.

Starring: James Mason , Kirk Douglas , Paul Lukas , Peter Lorre. Critics Consensus: Thrilling and superbly acted, The Hunger Games captures the dramatic violence, raw emotion, and ambitious scope of its source novel.

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence , Josh Hutcherson , Liam Hemsworth , Woody Harrelson. Directed By: Gary Ross. Critics Consensus: It might be more impressive on a technical level than as a piece of storytelling, but Avatar reaffirms James Cameron's singular gift for imaginative, absorbing filmmaking.

Starring: Zoe Saldana , Sam Worthington , Sigourney Weaver , Stephen Lang. Critics Consensus: Thought-provoking and visceral, Steven Spielberg successfully combines high concept ideas and high octane action in this fast and febrile sci-fi thriller.

Starring: Tom Cruise , Colin Farrell , Samantha Morton , Max von Sydow. Critics Consensus: While Alphaville is by no means a conventional sci-fi film, Jean-Luc Godard creates a witty, noir-ish future all his own.

Starring: Eddie Constantine , Anna Karina , Akim Tamiroff , Laszlo Szabo. Directed By: Jean-Luc Godard. Critics Consensus: One of the best creature features of the early atomic age, Them!

Starring: James Whitmore , Edmund Gwenn , Joan Weldon , James Arness. Directed By: Gordon Douglas. Critics Consensus: Visually audacious, disorienting, and just plain weird, Videodrome's musings on technology, entertainment, and politics still feel fresh today.

Starring: James Woods , Sonja Smits , Deborah Harry , Peter Dvorsky. Critics Consensus: Snowpiercer offers an audaciously ambitious action spectacular for filmgoers numb to effects-driven blockbusters.

Starring: Chris Evans , Song Kang Ho , Jamie Bell , John Hurt. Critics Consensus: One of the best political allegories of the s, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is an efficient, chilling blend of sci-fi and horror.

Starring: Kevin McCarthy , Dana Wynter , Larry Gates , Carolyn Jones. Directed By: Don Siegel. Critics Consensus: Predator: Part sci-fi, part horror, part action -- all muscle.

Starring: Boyd Holbrook , Trevante Rhodes , Jacob Tremblay , Keegan-Michael Key. Directed By: Shane Black. Critics Consensus: Planet of the Apes raises thought-provoking questions about our culture without letting social commentary get in the way of the drama and action.

Starring: Charlton Heston , Roddy McDowall , Kim Hunter , Maurice Evans. Directed By: Franklin J. Critics Consensus: The Road Warrior is everything a bigger-budgeted Mad Max sequel with should be: bigger, faster, louder, but definitely not dumber.

Starring: Mel Gibson , Bruce Spence , Vernon Wells , Emil Minty. Directed By: George Miller. The Last Starfighter. Lance Guest , Catherine Mary Stewart , Robert Preston , Dan O'Herlihy.

Macross: Do You Remember Love? Mari Iijima voice , Arihiro Hase voice , Mika Doi voice , Michio Hazama voice. Mikhail Titov. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Catherine Mary Stewart , Kelli Maroney , Robert Beltran. Nineteen Eighty-Four. John Hurt , Richard Burton , Suzanna Hamilton.

The Noah's Ark Principle. Richy Müller , Franz Buchrieser. The Philadelphia Experiment. Harry Dean Stanton , Emilio Estevez , Olivia Barash.

The Return of Godzilla. Koji Hashimoto director. Raymond Burr , Ken Tanaka. Tom Selleck , Cynthia Rhodes , Gene Simmons , Kirstie Alley. Sayonara Jupiter.

Tomokazu Miura , Dangely Diane , Miyuki Ono , Rachel Huggett. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. William Shatner , Leonard Nimoy , DeForest Kelley , Christopher Lloyd.

Jeff Bridges , Karen Allen , Charles Martin Smith. Arnold Schwarzenegger , Michael Biehn , Linda Hamilton. The Toxic Avenger.

Lloyd Kaufman , Michael Herz. Science fiction action [27]. Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer. Fumi Hirano voice , Toshio Furukawa voice , Akira Kamiya voice.

Second film in the Urusei Yatsura film series. Michael J. Fox , Christopher Lloyd , Crispin Glover , Lea Thompson , Thomas F.

Jonathan Pryce , Michael Palin , Kim Greist , Robert De Niro. Darrell Larson , John Stockwell , Kim Cattrall. Don Ameche , Wilford Brimley , Hume Cronyn , Brian Dennehy , Steve Guttenberg , Maureen Stapleton , Jessica Tandy.

Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy voice , Yevgeniy Steblov voice , Boris Ivanov. Stan Ivar , Wendy Schaal , Lyman Ward , Robert Jaffe , Diane Salinger. Barret Oliver , Mary Beth Hurt , Michael McKean , Kathryn Walker.

Dave Allen , Charles Band. Jeffrey Byron , Leslie Wing , Richard Moll. Day of the Dead. Lori Cardille , Joseph Pilato , Richard Liberty , Sherman Howard.

Dennis Quaid , Louis Gossett, Jr. Ethan Hawke , River Phoenix , Jason Presson. Gwen, or the Book of Sand. Michel Robin voice , Lorella Di Cicco voice.

Joshua Morrell , Eva Kryll. Steve Railsback , Peter Firth , Frank Finlay. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

George Ogilvie , George Miller. Mel Gibson , Tina Turner. Morons from Outer Space. Mel Smith , Griff Rhys Jones , Paul Brown. Jonathan Betuel.

John Stockwell , Fisher Stevens , Raphael Sbarge. O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization. Odin: Photon Sailer Starlight.

The Quiet Earth. Bruno Lawrence , Alison Routledge. Michael Dudikoff , Lisa Blount , Don Murray. Val Kilmer , Gabriel Jarret. Jeffrey Combs , Bruce Abbott , Barbara Crampton.

The Return of the Living Dead. Clu Gulager , James Karen , Don Calfa. Science fiction horror comedy [28]. Conrad E. Starchaser: The Legend of Orin.

Joe Colligan voice , Anthony De Longis voice , Carmen Argenziano voice. Michael Moriarty , Andrea Marcovicci , Garrett Morris , Paul Sorvino.

Tim Thomerson , Helen Hunt. Two Tickets to India. Anatoliy Arabenov voice , Marina Boskan'yants voice , Iosif Kuroyan voice. Denholm Elliott , Miranda Richardson , Steven Berkoff.

Sci-fi horror [29]. Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love. Kazuo Yamazaki. Third film in the Urusei Yatsura film series.

Visit with Van Gogh. German title: Besuch bei Van Gogh [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35]. Anthony Michael Hall , Kelly Le Brock , Ilan Mitchell-Smith , Bill Paxton.

Buy, rent or watch 'Arrival'. But there's still so much of the movie that really does work: the sail barge escape from Jabba the Hut is glorious swashbuckling action at its finest, the speeder bike chase through the forests of Endor is full-throttle fun and the monumental three-way climax is a Wagnerian crescendo that caps this trilogoy of the series in fine style.

Buy, rent or watch 'Return of the Jedi'. Of course, once it was out in the world the whole thing made some kind of twisted, outrageous sense, and it still does.

And yet somehow this Technicolor tale of heroic muscle-bound lunks, preening goateed villains, boisterous bird-men Blessed sealed his reputation here , hapless maidens and doomed Blue Peter presenters works like a charm.

Buy, rent or watch 'Flash Gordon'. No money? No problem. Writer-director-star Cory McAbee used imaginative dodges — such as action sequences filmed as musical numbers in silhouette — to make up for a relatively small budget of between one and two million dollars the exact figure remains sketchy.

What major Hollywood star would have felt more at home with the idea of total self-transformation than Rock Hudson? It also benefits from arguably the greatest opening title sequence in film history: a warped kaleidoscope of malformed flesh — directed, of course, by the legendary Saul Bass.

Buy, rent or watch 'Seconds'. The Victorian age was an unprecedented time of scientific discovery, where the impossible was being made possible with every new invention — just like magic.

But at what cost? Christopher Nolan pulls a rabbit out of the hat with a gripping, suspenseful ta-da finish. Buy, rent or watch 'The Prestige'.

It all started here. The sprawling multimedia soap opera that is the Marvel movie series now dominates our summer viewing and our end-of-year box office charts — with no signs of slowing.

Buy, rent or watch 'Iron Man'. Buy, rent or watch 'Westworld'. The setup — Arctic scientists find something vast and otherworldly buried in the ice — is magical, and the script doctored by an uncredited Howard Hawks, king of the masculine-archetypes-in-peril movie fizzes with invention.

Best of all, director Christian Nyby creates a genuinely irksome sense of impending dread, keeping the creature in shadow for much of the film.

Buy, rent or watch 'The War of the Worlds'. The sci-fi set-up is mostly an excuse for Woody to indulge some fairly slapstick physical comedy revolving around a man quite literally out of time and place.

But when the project goes awry, Ridder finds himself lost in time, reliving the breakdown of his relationship with early-model Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Catrine Georges-Picot.

In the unnamed urban sprawl of the title, a killer is on the loose. Starting from a simple murder mystery and building inexorably outwards from there, Proyas introduces us to a world where — in that overused but here entirely appropriate phrase — nothing is as it seems.

The ending is a stone-cold brain-melter. With his follow-up, writer-director George Miller went all out: the world is now a dustbowl populated by rampaging mutants, petrified normals and one brutal lawgiver, and they all have one thing in common — a lust for the black gold.

Buy, rent or watch 'Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior'. It opens with engineering works at the fictional Hobbs End Underground station, where workers uncover the remains of early human ancestors.

Excavation on the site reveals what the army believe is a massive, unexploded World War Two bomb. But not even the Nazis masterminded explosives containing insectoid alien dwarfs with horns….

The result is one of the great communal movie-going experiences of the modern age, and a gauntlet thrown down to all future sci-fi blockbuster directors: get real, or go home.

Buy, rent or watch 'Gravity'. Regardless, the film found a passionate audience, one that dug the lanky, thoughtful style of breakout newcomer Jake Gyllenhaal and his equally appealing older sister Maggie.

The plot concerns alternate realities, personal sacrifice, a fateful Halloween party and, yes, Sparkle Motion.

Buy, rent or watch 'Donnie Darko'. Buy, rent or watch 'The Time Machine'. So few films stand entirely alone.

Buy, rent or watch 'Repo Man'. Make Room! Where our food comes from today is more shady and dystopian than ever. Show this one to an organics-only freak you love.

Buy, rent or watch 'Soylent Green'. The most renowned anime film made outside Studio Ghibli opens with an apparent nuclear explosion in Tokyo, ends with a Big Bang and hardly lets up in between.

The plot is far too unwieldy to be summarised here; suffice to say that it involves biker gangs, wrinkled little children and psychokinetic mutants wreaking havoc in a post-apocalyptic Japan.

Buy, rent or watch 'Akira'. All of which gave screenwriting brothers Jim and John Thomas an idea…. With Sly tied up with 'Rocky V', Arnie stepped in to play Dutch, the military tough guy who takes his top team of wisecracking mercenaries into the Latin American jungle to rescue American hostages, before terrorists turn out to be the least of their problems.

But of course the climax sees Old Ironballs taking the creature on single-handed, duking it out in the mud, mano-a-mano.

Buy, rent or watch 'Predator'.

Latest sci-fi Movies: Check out the list of all latest sci-fi movies released in along with trailers and reviews. Also find details of theaters in which latest sci-fi movies are playing along. Science fiction is a wide-ranging genre, and one that can sometimes be difficult to pin down. We try to focus on sci-fi movies that have a time-tested reputation like The Matrix, as well as those. A choice of 66 of the best science-fiction movies released from to In random order and purely subjective. Only live-action movies included. A list of science fiction films released in the s. These films include core elements of science fiction, but can cross into other have been released to a cinema audience by the commercial film industry and are widely distributed with reviews by reputable critics. List of the latest science fiction movies in and the best science fiction movies of & the 's. Top science fiction movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in cinema's right now.
Fiction Films This year, 35 films - 17 short fiction films and 18 productions from the animated film category - are starting in the International Competition with its six Supertalent Finale 2021. Der Film Herrliche Zeiten im SpessartKurt Hoffmann — die zweite Fortsetzung des Nicht-SF-Films Das Wirtshaus im Dennis Film — enthält streckenweise sehr viele SF-Elemente. Siehe auch : Science-Fiction. Filme & Animationen für Unternehmen, Marke oder Produkt von FICTION FILMS. Ihre effiziente Filmproduktion in München, die weiß, wie man Ziele erreicht. FICTION FILMS GmbH | Follower auf LinkedIn AGENTUR für Filme, Animationen & Bewegtbildstrategien / KREATIV und DATENGETRIEBEN In MÜNCHEN. Fiction Films GmbH ist eine internationale, kreative Beratung & Filmproduktion mit Sitz in München, Barcelona/Spain und Savannah/USA. Seit produzieren. Science-Fiction ist ein Filmgenre, dem Filme zugeordnet werden, die sich mit fiktionalen Techniken sowie wissenschaftlichen Leistungen und deren möglichen​.
Fiction Films

Wasser Ist trotzdem fr Fiction Films Anwender schon per se ein K. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Jekyll und Mr.
Fiction Films Critics Consensus: A visually awe-inspiring science fiction classic from the silent era. CarterDavid Clennon. Movies, Movie Stars, and Me. Creative, Smart, Confident. Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Establishment scaremongering Lügen Haben Spitze Zähne Ganzer Film the communist threat against American freedom of conscience seemingly underpins this drumhead-tight B-thriller about sinister extraterrestrial pods taking over small-town California in its sleep. TIFF TLC 21st Century Fox Black Mirror italian biography Adult Swim teaser Rock IFC FOX. The ending is a stone-cold brain-melter. Variety's Film Reviews: — The Lady and the Dale. Filme & Animationen für Unternehmen, Marke oder Produkt von FICTION FILMS. Ihre effiziente Filmproduktion in München, die weiß, wie man Ziele erreicht. A list of science fiction films released in the s. These films include core elements of science . 23 rows · This is a list of science fiction films released in the films include core . JohnsonAndrew OkelloJeremy GilbertPaul SockettPeter CoeFeizal MowlabocusPaul BlackwellGary KielyMatt JonesEmanuel CoelhoMatt SproitIan Copley JohnsonRajeev PahujaAlex DowerNeil MacKinnonAlex Sark GeisslerPeter RooneyPete Buzzsaw HollandAlexander CruickshanksAndrew KybettRahji ShrinarineLee MayoJason SzaboRichard James MontgomeryMike FirthJason ShillingfordUbiquiti Access Point GandhiThe Voice Of Germany 2021 Live Stream MatwiNigel RixonCleavandor WrightKarlos HerreroMartin BellKishore BhattJordan ParsonsRaemond Cook Joshua Dsds Krebs, Fiction Films BradleyThomas Brungardt EsqMatthew A. Best of Rotten Tomatoes Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. From Mouse to Mermaid: the Politics of Film, Gender, and Culture.


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