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FreeFileSync Deutsch: Synchronisation von euren Daten - Kostenloser Download für ✓ Windows ✓ macOS ✓ Linux. Lade die neueste Version von FreeFileSync für Windows herunter.. Inhalte unterschiedlicher Ordner vergleichen und synchronisieren. FreeFileSync ist eine​. FreeFileSync Deutsch: Mit dem Open-Source-Tool FreeFileSync vergleichen und synchonisieren Sie Verzeichnisse untereinander.

Dateien synchronisieren mit Free File Sync

FreeFileSync ist ein kostenloses Open-Source-Programm zur Dateisynchronisierung. Es ist unter Windows, Linux und OS X verfügbar. Das Projekt wird durch Spenden unterstützt. FreeFileSync Deutsch: Synchronisation von euren Daten - Kostenloser Download für ✓ Windows ✓ macOS ✓ Linux. Mit Free File Sync gehört es der Vergangenheit an, den Inhalt von Ordnern manuell abzugleichen. Das kostenlose Tool synchronisiert Ordner auf Festplatten.

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FreeFileSync: Two Way Synchronization

Pros: FreeFileSync is a great app for performing file comparisons & backups. I use it daily to compare all of the company's ever-changing file additions & edits, then mirror them to a mobile backup drive that I move offsite weekly. FreeFileSync on Flathub. FreeFileSync is a graphical folder comparison and synchronization software. See its homepage at This repo contains a Flatpak manifest for building a Flatpak package for FreeFileSync. FreeFileSync is an impressive open-source tool that can help you back up your data to a different location.. This different location can be an external USB disk, Google Drive or to any of your cloud storage locations using SFTP or FTP connections. FreeFileSync. As you can tell from the name itself, FreeFileSync is a free and open source file and folder sync software for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The thing that makes FreeFileSync one of the best is its powerful features and the ability to customize the synchronization tasks according to your needs. FreeFileSync is a simple software program that allows you to synchronize or compare two folders. It can be mainly handled by users with some experience in this area. This tool can also be. FreeFileSync Deutsch: Mit dem Open-Source-Tool FreeFileSync vergleichen und synchonisieren Sie Verzeichnisse untereinander. FreeFileSync ist ein kostenloses Open-Source-Programm zur Dateisynchronisierung. Es ist unter Windows, Linux und OS X verfügbar. Das Projekt wird durch Spenden unterstützt. as kostenlose Open-Source-Werkzeug FreeFileSync hilft bei Synchronisieren und Sichern von Dateien, Ordnern, Laufwerken und weiteren Speichermedien. Die kostenlose Software „FreeFileSync“ hilft Ihnen beim Backup (Spiegeln), Vergleichen und Synchronisieren von Dateien und Ordnern.
Freefilesync Brothers And Sisters Serie Management. I learned it in 30 sec. Keeps LOTS of my files in sync between RAID NAS drives, between work laptop and virtual machines Briefly describe the problem required :. FreeFileSync includes features that are Freefilesync found only in the premium versions of commercial applications. Please keep up the good work and look for our donation! For the reviewer looking for "Help" resources, it is right there Beziehung Ohne Liebe the top left of the screen next to the Tools tab. I promise to donate after a few months of use. Beginning with version 10, the project is fully Freefilesync on donations from users to finance its ongoing expenses in software development Br Landfrauen support. I really appreciate how well it works and the effort you've put into it.

FreeFileSync version 10 has added support for copying multiple files in parallel. It is now possible to specify the number of parallel file operations for each device inside the settings.

During synchronization FreeFileSync will then spawn several tasks accordingly instead of processing only one file after another.

This new design offers huge performance improvements for all scenarios that are dominated by latency, like synchronization against network shares or cloud devices including SFTP and FTP S.

The new parallel file operations architecture is not limited to the synchronization step, but used throughout the application. Folder comparison will issue multiple requests at a time even when traversing only a single base folder, by dynamically managing the workload while recursively reading the folder tree.

Binary-comparison also processes all files in parallel. The FreeFileSync installer is now ad-free! Before version 10, FreeFileSync had shown a single advertisement during installation to help fund the project.

Beginning with version 10, the project is fully relying on donations from users to finance its ongoing expenses in software development and support.

A huge thanks to everyone who is contributing to make this possible! This further enhances FreeFileSync's capabilities to not only work with local drives and network shares but also synchronize mobile and cloud storage.

FreeFileSync eliminates the tedious and error-prone task of manually identifying files that have changed on the source folder and copying them to the target folder, no matter what protocol is used to access files.

Users can set up mirror, two-way, or custom synchronization rules, and then create batch jobs that run the sync without requiring manual interaction.

Batch jobs can be started with a simple mouse double-click or triggered automatically by a task scheduler.

FreeFileSync detects moved files and reproduces the move on the target drive. This avoids time consuming file copy and delete operations and instead completes the task with a single hard drive access.

This even works in mirror synchronization scenarios where the target file system does not support file IDs e. FreeFileSync includes features that are normally found only in the premium versions of commercial applications.

It can copy locked files using the Volume Shadow Copy Service, compare file content in binary mode, handle symbolic links and run real two-way synchronizations including detecting conflicts and propagating deletions.

FreeFileSync fully supports long file paths with more than characters, copies NTFS extended attributes, security permissions and alternate data streams.

The application takes advantage of bit and multiple CPU cores if available and is fully Unicode compatible. FreeFileSync supports MTP Media Transfer Protocol , making it easy for users to synchronize files and folders between their PCs and their iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, digital camera, digital audio players, or other MTP devices.

The tool is fully integrated with Windows Explorer and allows users to jump to their MTP files in Explorer, open them directly with their default application, or to drag and drop MTP folders from Explorer into FreeFileSync.

FreeFileSync supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, enabling web developers to publish changes to their local website copy by running a FreeFileSync batch job - with only a double-click of the mouse.

The software has been optimized for usability and performance. It can scan a hard drive with hundreds of thousands of files in a few seconds, while scanning multiple folders in parallel.

The synchronization steps are laid out in the optimal order that minimizes peaks in disk space consumption and FreeFileSync's fail-safe file copy algorithm prevents data corruption when the synchronization process is terminated unexpectedly, e.

Graphs and detailed messages give relevant feedback and provide structure on multiple visual and textual levels: getting an overview of a hard drive's space distribution can be quickly accomplished by navigating a directory tree showing file count and sizes below each node.

Pricing and Availability FreeFileSync is available without cost. Thank you very much for keeping FreeFileSync up and constantly improving it for nearly 10 years!

I am using your great piece of software since version 3 and never had any issues with it. I highly appreciate the open source character and the powerful batch capabilities as this allows me to install the software free of charge on all PCs of my acquaintances mostly elderly people with not much knowledge about computers where I do the maintenance and support.

I haven't even downloaded it yet but so far everything about your website gives me total confidence that I am about to get some really beautifully executed software!

Great 'Vision' statement; FAQ is marvelously thorough! Awesome program; thanks so much for developing this! I use it to back up all of my important data files that I store on a separate disk on a nightly basis, and have recovered from a hard drive failure with zero loss once already.

Excellent program! Just wanted to say that I'm DEEPLY Grateful to you, for creating a truly AMAZING program, and for keeping FreeFileSync always on top of its game with the frequent and substantial updates you do on it!

I'm not religious, but may you be blessed sir! This program already helped me a lot, and I am not even using it to its full potential.

I like how 'close to the user' the interaction with the files is. At every point in time I know exactly what the program does. When it comes to the safety of my files, this is how I want it to be.

Thank you very much! After trying other shareware-licensed software for data file syncing, I found FreeFileSync is a great tool to use.

A simple, yet powerful data sync tool for Windows. And I'm amazed it's free. Highly recommended if you are after a simple tool that syncs your data to any drive, computer, network drive or remote cloud storage.

I have no idea why I have never found this before, because I've been looking for something that did exactly this forever, and it does it better than I ever hoped for!

Great stuff. Competitor was AllwaySync, lost due to missing FTPS. Yours could be even nicer if it included a scheduler or a mechanism to inject the scheduled task automatically into the platform scheduler.

Thanks for the work. Been using FreeFileSync for years for small things at my home computer and I really appreciate your commitment to improve the code and to make things better for the world of people out there that you don't even know.

Thank you so much! FreeFileSync is a mature and robust application. After using it for years on a daily basis I never had problems with losing data.

An amazing feature of FFS that is difficult to find in similar applications is the ability to synchronize open files on network drives. FreeFileSync is pretty awesome.

It keeps my two laptops and external backup drives in sync. User friendly with self-explanatory buttons.

Extremely fast synchronization. Keep up the amazing work in updating this software. Janaka Vithanage. I've been searching for this kind of program for ages.

Bonus would be keeping a backup of mail and browser data Thunderbird and Firefox to keep it in the open source family — which is two key items difficult to auto store in customized archives.

Hello Zenju, this app is the only app that syncs files correctly on a Mac. GoodSync and other apps can't find changes when the files are deleted.

And only your app can delete into Mac's Trash folder! Big thanks for developing FreeFileSync! I love it. I cannot tell you how much benefit I am getting from it and how much labor it is saving me.

The user interface is superbly designed and the functionality is terrific. I've used this software for the better part of four years now.

I can't even begin to speak of how useful it has been to me during that time. This program has been a life-saver. Powerful yet intuitive sync with many options to filter and customize.

In this day and age when I never know if an update will break my computer, it's been wonderful to have a reliable way to back up my data!

Hi there. I just have finally migrated away from Windows permanently and this program has been my life-saving replacement for TreeComp.

It is actually better and quicker, and an absolute gem to use. You are a genius, thank you so much. This software is so cool that I like it very much, it just feels as convenient as SVN or Git.

Thanks to your team of developers. I found FreeFileSync to be extremely helpful, dependable, very easy to use — a wonderful experience all around to use this program.

All other and expensive backup programs were uninstalled — I no longer have any use for them. I've been using FreeFileSync for some years because it is reliable, it is very easy to use and it has all the features needed to keep files synced between different folders and devices.

Thanks for the good work you have been doing. Thank you for this amazing software, been searching for it for a while as a solution for syncing games in a LAN Gaming Center without resorting to a Gaming Cache Server.

Your solution is much better when implemented properly. Keep up the great work. Your solution keeps helping me to organize my data across several computers in an intuitive fashion.

It is stable, doesn't crash and does a rock solid job. I gave up on MS SyncToy — it wasn't deleting files and folders properly when mirroring and was creating duplicate copies of overwritten files.

FreeFileSync works perfectly and is easy to use. Absolutely first-rate software! I'm glad I found this program! Helps me a lot to back up my media files to multiple external hard drives.

I was going to make a script but this is much more useful. This is one of the few programs I would actually be happy to pay for, as the updates are often, the author is awesome, the pictures of animals in the installer are super awesome, and it actually works as advertised.

This is top-notch software, so glad it doesn't require the slow bloated. NET Framework! I love to support high quality independent software development.

Keep up the great work! Hello, I chose your software because it was the only one I found that syncs my music from PC to Android phone.

It's seriously well-made, including tutorials. Vision is pretty nice and clear too! So, thank you. Have used this in the past to great satisfaction.

Just came back, because Way outperforms anything you can do manually and better than any other tools I've seen so far. Been only using FFS for a couple of days, but I already think it's pretty amazing.

I'm happy to see the archive has frequent release updates. Keep up the good work! Thank you for this software!

It is brilliant to have such an easy to use reliable sync tool. It makes doing data backups quick and painless. Being free was a real surprise!

Love the FreeFileSync software! It has made backing up everything super easy and convenient for me! I have been using FreeFileSync for YEARS!!

It's an amazingly helpful tool! Thank you for all your work on it. I use FreeFileSync and RealTimeSync to back up my files on my NAS and synchronize it automatically on several computers running on Linux and Windows.

This is a great and efficient tool. Many thanks. Thanks for a great app. It really gives peace of mind knowing that files are backed up right.

Especially when I discovered image programs aren't transferable to another computer. FreeFileSync files are.

Thanks for continuing to develop this fantastic piece of software. I use it multiple times a week and it performs flawlessly. I have dabbled with this tool for a couple of years.

Time to get serious, and FFS has proven itself worthy of a production environment. I've been using FreeFileSync on my laptop for years now.

It's a very easy and useful tool. Try it once and it's forever. The best in its category. Thank you guys for the job done so far. I've been using FreeFileSync for a while, and it is simply the best, most reliable synchronization tool that I've come across.

I expect I'll still be using it for years to come! This is the most useful tool and about the best free software I've come across in a long while.

Great product, I was able to synchronize all my data from my old HDD to the new one, after the transfer crashed using another software. Thanks for saving me hours of work!

I am doing frequent data transfers and have recommended this product to others. I have used ycopy in the past and this is in the same vain, but on steroids.

Thank you. Thanks you for this great program. It's fast to the point and reliable. I've been using FreeFileSync for years and I have to say thanks again for the great software, frequent updates and excellent support you give to us.

Keep doing that! Best program I have used in a long time. Keeps LOTS of my files in sync between RAID NAS drives, between work laptop and virtual machines I was waiting for a solution like FreeFileSync for years.

It's a dream: existing pro synchronization services, pragmatic updates. Congratulations to the developers! A simple yet powerful backup utility that has answered all my prayers.

I don't need some fancy pants overpriced slow arsed software — FreeFileSync is 1. As a former programmer -- WOW -- what an excellent piece of software!!!!

Really top of the line. Could not ask for more. Tutorial top flight. Great piece of software which I use from time to time without any problems.

I don't know how good customer support is because I've never needed it!! Thank you : — Carol Kurian. Your program has saved me countless hours of managing various USB sticks and network drives.

It's fast, stable, and does exactly what I need. Thank you so much!! Fastest and easiest and most trustworthy sync program I've ever used! Been using for years.

There is nothing quite like it! Also great that it is customizable! I use FFS more often, and like it better, than Beyond Compare or Exam Diff.

Thanks for your excellent program. The very best and free software for mirroring and syncing. I appreciate the fact it works on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

When my machine's power supply failed it scrambled my hard disk. The backups with FreeFileSync allowed me to quickly recover my data with no loss.

I knew I should have just looked for an open-source solution to file synchronization rather than wasting my time with commercial trial software! You make a great job saving my data!!!

In a very comfortable way — running better than every sync software I ever had!! Thank you very much!! I love this program, because it helps me to work in the train, in the kitchen, in the garden Excellent freeware product, allowing you to keep an up to date backup of your files.

A perfect free replacement to BeyondCompare. Great Software, I've used it for several years without problems. It is very fast and I can trust the results.

Very good job! What a fabulous program! I use it to update my notebook with changes I've made on my main computer. Fast, easy to use and reliable.

Had WinDir for years, then WMatch4 for years. Finally, — yours is fabulous. It can see the network, flash drives — wonderful. This project is clearly fueled by a great passion to provide the best possible end-user experience, and this is greatly appreciated!

Simply a great software, quick installation, easy to set up and use. That's how a software should be. Best regards from Switzerland. Simple, usable without a large manual, fast, totally free trial, no BS.

Please keep showing the big moguls how it should be done. Been using this regularly for a good while now. Clear and dependable, does exactly what it says on the tin, couldn't be happier.

No ads, and free with seemingly all the functionality of programs that cost 60 bucks a year while being better than some of them.

Great software, does exactly what I want it to do. I replaced a professional software which is not as ergonomic as FreeFileSync. Great product!

I regret that it took me so long to find it. Somehow you need to get it higher in Google searches. Thanks, guys! Thank you guys so much.

You have done a great job and I absolutely love this software. It makes managing my data so much easier. I've been using this for years and this is a great tool for simplifying backups and various comparisons and synchronizations.

FreeFileSync is so versatile I can't believe I ever had to live without it. This has provided reliable backups for a number of years now.

I greatly appreciate the visual feedback of the transfer time. I've been testing this for a while now, and I can finally say I don't feel the need to rely on GoodSync anymore.

Great job! I've been using this software for a few years now. I really appreciate how well it works and the effort you've put into it.

A good software that deserves all possible support. Useful, easy and reliable. It's worth it, completely. My total support. The best sync tool I have ever tried.

Thank you for your devotion to constantly improving the software. Please go on. I use FreeFileSync to coordinate my data between desktop, laptop and tablet and it has never let me down.

Thanks so much! Awesome software, very useful! I've been using this for a couple years now to back up to my USB drive and it works flawlessly. One of the best utilities I've used in over 20 years of using Windows systems.

Simple and easy to set up and use. One of the most useful software tools I know — as a computer user you can live without it, but it makes absolutely no sense!

Christoph Schmülling. FreeFileSync has become essential for me. It has saved me hours, sorted my files, and my security copies. Many thanks!

Love your app, and all the changes especially time since last sync! Love the constant releases and that it's free! I use this every day for my work RealTimeSync rocks.

Hopefully it remains in development and ad free in the future. FreeFileSync is my favorite tool to sync my private and working data for more than 7 years now.

Keep on going, FFS! Great software and I simply love the fact that files are just copied and easily browsed in case you need to restore them.

Very good software utility at the unbeatable price of free?! Thank you so much for building this piece of software.

SyncToy ran for HOURS and didn't finish a job that FFS did in 14 minutes. Thanx a lot for your excellent work.

FreeFileSync helped me a lot in the past and will help me a lot in the future. Thank you for this little tool! It's like SumatraPDF and 7zip, you make every day at the office a useful day!

Brilliant program, been searching for years for something like this, only sorry it's taken me so long to discover! Using it for my music projects and samples backup to my backup hard drive.

Very easy to use and secure. Love this app, and love the fact I can run the exact same software on my Linux laptop and my partner's Windows I don't use this very often but it is what I need when I need it :- Thank you for making this utility available.

Thank you for this great piece of software that is very useful and provides exactly the features that are needed! Congratulations on knowing what OneDrive is which is more than one of your competitors knew and is why I am here.

I want to say thank you. I use this software every day and there is no competitor. Thank you for the work you do. Very useful software when using more than 1 computer — also effective for file transfer between Mac and Windows — Callum McDonald.

Really appreciate this great piece of software. Easy to use, but with a powerful interface. Haven't tried FreeFileSync yet Thank you for continually filling a huge gap and for making things possible that were previously only dreams!

This is best file transfer software ever. I have three backups and one button helps me keep them all synced. Maybe one of best synchronizing tools!

I know some others too! But this one did exceed my expectations! Much better than SyncToy Thank you! One of the best pieces of software that I know anyway.

Keep up the good work for this a top-notch sync tool! Been using for syncing a couple of directories across the LAN, pretty solid most the time.

Thanks for the app! Fantastic software. Easy to use for sync. I've been searching for months to find a good package. Thank you for providing this awesome program!

I've been using it for a while, and I really appreciate it! Fantastic program, tried a few to do the job I needed doing and this one beats all the others hands down.

I have been using this for years. Fast and reliable, has saved me from losing work a few times. Love it! Fantastic product.

I've been using it for a few months now and files between two computers are syncing perfectly. Excellent, works like a charm. I was long looking for something like that to keep two large HD identical.

I've used your program many, many times. It works great. Thanks for the great product! I just love this tool! Works great. Thank you for this project and keep up the good work!

Best regards. It has become my preferred sync and backup program meanwhile. Keep on developing and improving!

Phenomenal job! As a fellow software developer, I appreciate your hard work and wish you all the best. Thank you for this great sync tool.

I use it to back up to my external USB hard disks. Great software! Keep it up. For years this has been my go-to for keeping my external hard drives up-to-date.

To me, the best file sync tool! No bugs, everything is clear, constant updates. And very simple to use. Great app!

I've been using it for many years — it really helps and saves a lot of time. Tried half a dozen packages till I found yours.

Wish I'd found it first — does everything I need. FreeFileSync is essential for my backup strategy! Thank You!

This is the sync program that I will work with from now on. I am very grateful for its existence. Before I knew about FreeFileSync I used SyncToy, but FreeFileSync is better and quicker.

Thanks — Hartmut Boesch. FreeFileSync rocks! I use it for my backups and I'm looking forward to the auto-update feature. Awesome product! Can't wait to utilize all the great features in the free software.

The best file sync tool ever. I use it every day to sync and backup my data. Thank you — Salim Belgroune. Thanks for the continued AWESOME software :- I have this for both personal and professional use!

Beyond being a great piece of software, FFS has saved my butt a couple of times! Much better than Microsoft Briefcase to which I held on for much too long.

Thanks for your work. I keep my info backed up with a click. Easy to use and understand. Thank you for your hard work.

Like using your program. I like the way you can fine tune the rules for backing up each folder. FreeFileSync is the best replacement I found when support was dropped for Microsoft Briefcase — Michael Kilbridge.

Hi, Dev! Congratulations for the Software. It's very useful. Keep developing it! Big hug! Works great — just what I was looking for.

Thanks for allowing me to evaluate free of charge. Thank you for FreeFileSync! Works nicely and is slick after figuring out all the options ;- — Lex.

I have found it to be the best file sync software I have used, of the many I've tried to date. Well done! I love this software.

This is the best software for synchronization. Thanks for the program! Exactly what I was looking for and better than I expected! Love the great cross-platform support!

I use FreeFileSync on Arch Linux and Windows systems. GREAT work guys! I'm counting on you for my personal syncing among my backup drives. One of the most useful utility programs that I have come across and which I use repeatedly!

Great program. Good work. It's a very good program! Very useful! Thank you for creating this program. From South Korea — Kim Han. Thanks for the terrific program.

Needed a Briefcase replacement. Got that and much more! Thanks for keeping it ad free! Love this software and couldn't do my backups without it! Thanks for this wonderful sync tool that simply works where many others fail miserably!

VERY, VERY great tool, far beyond majority of commercial app! And go on! Awesome application. Really fast performance, and it works exactly as you would expect.

I am using it since I don't remember. Easy, reliable, good. I recommend to anyone. One of the best software programs I've used and I've used a lot in the past 40 years.

This has been my goto file sync tool for years. Solid as a rock. Previously only DSynchronise was close in terms of reliability having tried a whole load of free and paid-for software.

Super easy to use and runs flawlessly. The one thing I would wish for is the ability to automate running various configuration profiles or batch files.

I,ve done so by creating a. Thanks to the author for this little gem. FreeFileSync is truly a fantastic program and it is portable too.

I have installed it on an USB stick. I had been using Syncback for over 5 years. I found that FreeFileSync is the only open source freeware that can match the paid version of Syncback software in terms of speed in handling folders with huge number of files up to 30Gb.

It runs perfectly in Windows XP SP2. Its web site says FreeFileSync can run in Linux as well. Many thanks to the author Mr. I am sure this software will in time become an extremely popular download.

This free sync program is the best! No need for commercial products anymore after discovering this. Been using it for a few months now.

Never gonna look back! With each new release speed and features have increased. I have worked with Vice Versa and FreeFileSync.

There is no comparison. FreeFileSync is one of finest and most important applications ever written.

It works perfectly and handles a critically important computer task that too few people do. Vice Versa had at least one fatal flaw that was insurmountable: If folders had to be created on the destination side, they were created in all lower-case, regardless of the case of the source side.

Consequently, the subsequent compare always failed. Their tech support was supposedly unaware of the problem, could not resolve it, and eventually avoided further contact.

FreeFileSync is as good as it gets. I love this program. It's the best file syncher out there and the fact it is open source makes it better.

Now with a x64 version it is superior to anything else out there. This has become my favorite file synchronization tool.

Even Araxis Merge seems to have lost its appeal. FreeFileSync uses some special undocumented APIs to accelerate folder reads, and it shows!

Also, with the ability to use 3rd-party tools like WinMerge or RapidCRC to compare at a click, it's pretty simple to view changes before committing.

Far better than other sync tools for my needs. I was looking for something to backup new and updated games from my Steam library over GB to an external drive so I can uninstall games to free up space and not have to waste bandwidth re-downloading if I want to play them again.

I accomplished what I was trying to do quickly and didn't need to refer to the help file. The previous sync tools I had negative experiences with were DirSync Pro too complicated and Microsoft SyncToy not complicated enough to be useful.

FreeFileSync has replaced my data backup software Acronis with the feature "file-versioning". This feature can't be emphasised enough and is more useful than most backup software that starts with a full version and then keeps incremental or differential archive formats.

FreeFileSync can run as a batch file and use VSS. Does pretty much everything I need to do better than MS Synctoy. I had started off with Synctoy hearing good things until I found out it won't copy files that are in use.

Now I'm using FreeFileSync to sync my XBMC database from my media center to my regular PC. It works like a charm.

I also use it to keep my music synced across 2 computers I like having it in both places as well as my Portable Apps. It reads the changes ridiculously quick, copies files in use, and the interface stays relatively responsive.

One of the best sync programs I've found for Windows and Ubuntu. This software has a streamlined interface that allows access to the most frequently used features quickly.

But also allows many advanced tweaks like what to do with deleted files etc. The program is fully featured yet not bloated. I've used it for about 3 years and really haven't found anything else this well written.

Amazing program! I love it and use it every day. Thank you for such a useful and powerful utility. I couldn't run my photography business without it.

I make sure all my important files are backed up and it allows me complete control over what gets copied over and when. It's saved me a number of times.

Thanks again. I've been using your tool FreeFileSync for maybe 3 years in a private environment on Windows 7 with some Linux networking and I'm happy with its ease of use and reliability.

There weren't a lot of things that the world was missing, but FFS was one of them. I know companies who sell the same tools very expensively with licenses over 20 pages with more headache for using them.

Thank you, best wishes from Hamburg. Thanks so much for Free File Sync FFS!!! Following problem has haunted me for years: Now that I have a bit Win7 Pro OS that supports UNC paths up to 32K I thought the problem would be automatically resolved.

But no, the dreaded character path limit was STILL HAUNTING ME DAILY. Nothing worked, all failed for my needs. Then I found FFS. And it just works.

I will donate at a later date. Thanks for your work to date on this project and your phenomenally fast responses to bug submissions.

I think this is a great piece of software and will only get better with your enthusiasm. I was so impressed that I was happy to make a small donation.

Keep up the good work :- — kjen I have just discovered your wonderful FreeFileSync software. For years I've been using ViceVersa which runs on Windows.

Now I have moved everything to Linux, and searched for a ViceVersa replacement in vain. But the discovery of FreeFileSync changed everything.

It's BETTER than ViceVersa!! Out goes ViceVersa and I have yet another native Linux app. Just had to say that FreeFileSync is really great.

It's like the best and simplest out of all sync programs and I have tried quite a few, including famous ones. Thank you very much for your time and effort creating this software for the common good.

I think your FreeFileSync application is pretty awesome. Previously I've been using FolderMatch v3. Anyway, since I started using FreeFileSync on my Windows 10 PC and iMac I've been really pleased by the ease of use, performance and features.

Really great job! Honestly, I can't remember ever donating to free-ware before but I'm so impressed with FreeFileSync I felt it would be wrong not too!

An excellent program with several unique features of its own. Can handle some stuff that even some fully commercial products can't.

Zenju is very responsive to queries, active in the help forums and always striving to make it better. What more can we ask?

I like it so much I've hit up Paypal and sent him some cash. Well worth it. Thank you for your amazing work! Awesome program to sync files!

It has extended features and allows quite some customization. Batch mode allows custom automation from command line without missing features , which is very helpful for me.

Best file sync tool especially for a mirror data backup. It would be nice to have an online mirror backup. Outstanding program.

And it's free!! I have used this program for about years now. And it is simply amazing. I had been looking for a program like this for years.

The one I used to have was ViceVersa, until it became too expensive. It basically mirrors my important folders over to my NAS Sylonogy and D-Link. It's so simple to use, but also customizable.

You can change the behaviour of individual files. Simply the best. Zenju did such a good job creating this.

The best of all I tried Synctoy, Robocopy, etc. Easily automated using Windows Task Scheduler. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More.

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H2testw 1. Thank you, it worked perfectly with Ubuntu This is the Freefilesync I've chosen to use. What links here Related changes Upload file Special Erotik Film Online Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. But now, thanks to FreeFileSync, I have Die Deutschmeister my data saved in a so easy way that I am not looking for another NAS. Audioqualität Youtube Mac Windows.
Freefilesync WhatsApp So schreibt ihr eine Nachricht, ohne den Kontakt zu speichern. Online-Bedrohungen haben sich weiterentwickelt. Zusätzlich zu Virenscans wird jeder Download manuell von unserer Redaktion für Sie geprüft. Die folgenden Abschnitte zeigen, wie Sie Free Freefilesync Sync installieren und wie Sie Der Große Preis Ordner miteinander synchronisieren — auch mit einem Giphycat.  · FreeFileSync to darmowe narzędzie powstałe z myślą o synchronizacji danych pod Windows oraz Linux.. Cały proces synchronizacji został sprowadzony do kilku kroków. Wystarczy wybrać folder źródłowy i docelowy oraz opcję ich porównania, ustawić synchronizację, a resztą zajmie się program.4/5(1).  · FreeFileSync to całkowicie darmowe narzędzie powstałe z myślą o synchronizacji danych pod Windows oraz Linux. Autor podczas tworzenia aplikacji duży nacisk położył na wydajność i użyteczność programu, nie zapominając o prostym 1051am.coming System: Linux. FreeFileSync to darmowy program do synchronizowania i porównywania folderów, o otwartym kodzie źródłowym ( source).Aplikacja charakteryzuje się wysoką wydajnością przy niskim zapotrzebowaniu na zasoby systemowe. FreeFileSync pozwala synchronizować dowolną liczbę folderów wraz z ich zawartością oraz obsługuje pliki powyżej 4 GB.3,5/5(37).


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